This is where you can get the cores (and/or patches) for each demo of the game.

Before you download ANYTHING, remember that you can download them of our other site, if you don't feel comfortable here.

Site is:

Every file will download will make you go to media fire and download a .zip file of the game. (Patches will come in .rar file, so get WinRAR for Windows, or UnRarX for Mac.) WinRAR UnRarX

Do you have a mac and you need to run Game.exe? Get Wine, a free software that can run ALL Windows formats (.exe, .msi, .bat, .Ink, etc.) Wine

Anyway, let's get to business!


Demo 1.0:


- 2 Gyms.

- 5 full action-packed routes! (Plus a Bridge!)

- Fan made starters!

- Fan made Gym Leaders!

Download link

(Still being worked on! Stay tuned!)

(No patch for this demo)


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